Committee Description

The Membership Committee focuses on all policies and decisions regarding membership in NAAHP. Our responsibilities include establishing and enforcing the requirements for membership in each membership category, developing new membership categories as needed, identifying strategies for recruiting new members, and working with other NAAHP committees to develop and implement benefits and services for all membership categories designed to add value to membership.

The Membership Committee consists of two co-chairs, two voting members from each of the four regions, and a number of affiliate (non-voting) members who bring a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints to the committee.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Development and implementation of a new advisor membership category and fee structure specifically for prehealth advisors at two-year colleges.
  • Production and implementation of a New Advisor Webinar offered twice each year to introduce and orient new advisor members to the many benefits of membership.
  • Completion of a large-scale recruiting campaign designed to attract advisors from colleges and universities with no NAAHP members.