Community College

Committee Description

The Community College Committee was formed in response to the increasing role played by community colleges in preparing both undergraduate and postgraduate students for careers in the health professions. Composed of community college advisors and faculty from across the nation, the purpose of the committee is to provide specialized support for community college advisors advising prehealth students, to help them develop collaborations with advisors in their local 4 year institutions, and to provide them with a resource for information about changes occurring in health professions advising.

Original Charter: The Community College Task force is charged with providing the Board with information on issues related to the community college advisors who advise for the health professions along with recruitment and membership support of community college advisors.

How to Get Involved

Interested parties can contact Harolynn Williams. The committee invites advisors to send questions, queries, concerns and resources!

Resources & Additional Information

No resources are currently available.