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Pathways to Progress: NAAHP's Fundraising Drive

July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

From Executive Director, Tony Wynne:

We invite you to partner with us through donations or sponsorships to transform lives and support our programs, including enhance resources, provide professional development for advisors, and supporting our programs, including NAAHP-Ed and NAAHP-Leads.

Your support enables us to deliver high-quality resources, expand our reach, and strengthen our infrastructure. As an NAAHP partner, you will enjoy year-round branding opportunities, networking access to pre-health advisors, and exclusive amenities at our 2024 National Conference. 

Investing in NAAHP means shaping the future of healthcare and nurturing healthcare leaders. We invite you to join our annual fundraising drive and be a part of this impactful journey.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

ORGANIZATIONAL SPONSORSHIP - Organizational sponsorships with NAAHP fuel the development and maintenance of resources and programs, equipping pre-health advisors with the skills they need to succeed.
Investing in NAAHP means you're helping shape the future of healthcare. You're nurturing a community dedicated to cultivating the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.
We're excited to introduce the NAAHP 2023-2024 Fundraising Initiative. It's your opportunity to make a substantial difference in shaping the future of NAAHP and pre-health advising. Your generous donations fuel invaluable workshops, resources, and professional development opportunities that empower those guiding our future healthcare heroes. By stepping into this initiative, you're not just donating but investing in the future brimming with passion, potential, and progress. Click the link, explore the initiative, and join us in making a lasting impact today!

2023-2024 Fundraising Drive Details


CONFERENCE SPONSORSHIP - Your 2024 National Conference, donation or sponsorship can be directed accordingly, with benefits distinct from the Organizational Sponsorship and customized to the event.
Supporting the 2024 National Conference creates a transformative experience and fosters meaningful connections among healthcare professionals and stakeholders.
Welcome aboard the exciting journey of the 2024 National Conference Sponsorship! As we gear up for our forthcoming conference in Cincinnati, OH, in June 2024, we're thrilled to invite you to make your mark on this vibrant platform. The conference is an arena of innovation where advisors and professionals share their insights and best practices in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. As a sponsor, you're not just supporting us; you're seizing the opportunity to spotlight your organization to a diverse audience eager to learn, connect, and grow. Dive into networking events, educational sessions, and interactive exhibits designed to forge meaningful connections and build lasting relationships. With your support, we can enhance health professions' advising and inspire the next wave of healthcare leaders. Click the link, explore the initiative, and join us in making the 2024 NAAHP National Conference a success!

Sponsorship Opportunities are SOLD OUT

NAAHP Insights

The National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions serves as a resource for the professional development of health professions advisors.

It is a representative voice with health professions schools and theirprofessional associations, undergraduate institutions, and other healthprofessions organizations. The Association promotes high standards for healthprofessions advising at universities and colleges. It assists advisors in fosteringthe intellectual, personal, and humanistic development of students as theyprepare for careers in health professions.

The vision of NAAHP is to become the premier organization educating and supporting health professions advisors. To achieve this vision, NAAHP will strengthen services by:

  • Providing a representative voice
  • Enhancing technological resources
  • Increasing awareness of diversity issues
  • Promoting excellence and integrity in the delivery of health professions advising