Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The affairs of the association are managed by or under the direction of the Board of Directors.

The Board comprises the Executive Committee (*) and Representatives from each of the four regional associations (Central, Northeast, South, and Western). The NAAHP Executive Director, Director of Communications, Historian, and National Meeting Program Planning Committee Co-Chairs serve as advisory members in an ex-officio (non-voting) capacity. 


Rhona Beaton, MAT
Union College

Immediate Past - President*

Cassie_Flambouras.jpg Michael Deibel, PhD
Earlham College


NAAHP_Craig_Vaske.jpgCraig Vaske
University of Wyoming

Regional Representative (CAAHP)

Christopher Hamilton, PhD (CAAHP President)
Hillsdale College

Regional Representative (NEAAHP)

Seth_Remus.jpgSeth Ramus (NEAAHP President)
Bowdoin College

Regional Representative (SAAHP)

Lauren Albaum, PhD (SAAHP Vice-President)
Florida Southern College

Regional Representative (WAAHP)

Charles Scruggs
(WAAHP President)
University of California, Riverside

ex officio

Cassie_Flambouras.jpgJulie Chanatry, PhD
Colgate University

2024 Conference Program Co-Chair, ex officio

Lauren Albaum, PhD
Florida Southern College

President - Elect*

NAAHP_Joon_Kim.jpgJoon Kim, EdD
Keck Graduate Institute



Erin Myszkowski, EdD
Florida Southern College

Assistant Treasurer*

Lindsey_B_copy.jpgLindsey Burdick
DePaul University

Regional Representative (CAAHP)

Heidi_Lang.jpgHeidi B. Lang (Representative)
Valley State University

Regional Representative (NEAAHP)

Louise Russo (Representative)
Villanova University

Regional Representative (SAAHP)

avatar.pngSarah Imam (Representative)
The Citadel

Regional Representative (WAAHP)

Grace Cardenas Leal (Representative)
University of Nevada, Reno 

Executive Director,
ex officio*

Tony-new-headshot_June2022.jpgTony Wynne
NAAHP, Inc. Executive Director

2024 Conference Program Co-Chair, ex officio


Erin Myszkowski, EdD
Florida Southern College

Updated May 12, 2023