NAAHP National Awards

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting development that promises to shine a spotlight on the outstanding individuals within our esteemed association. Introducing the brand-new NAAHP National Awards! These prestigious accolades have been meticulously crafted to honor and celebrate the exemplary contributions of NAAHP members who have gone above and beyond in their dedication to our community.

The nomination cycle for these coveted awards is officially open, and the deadline for nominations is March 15th, 2024. This is your opportunity to recognize the remarkable individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping the NAAHP and propelling it to new heights.

Nominations: NAAHP Members, please login to your profile to nominate from this page.


Selection Process: The NAAHP Nominating Committee, comprised of members from the Executive Committee, undertakes a meticulous evaluation of all nominees. This rigorous review process is designed to guarantee fairness and impartiality. It includes assessing each submission ensuring its alignment with the eligibility requirements and criteria for nomination in each category. Additionally, the submission is carefully examined to determine the extent to which the nominee aligns with the overarching purpose of the award.


Award Presentation: NAAHP Awards are presented during the NAAHP's Biennial National Conference Awards Ceremony.

The submission period for all 2024 NAAHP National Awards is now closed.


The Frank Whitehouse, Jr. Award

A Tribute to Dedication and Service



The Frank Whitehouse, Jr. Award can become one of the most prestigious honors presented by NAAHP. This award seeks to recognize and celebrate members who have shown an unwavering commitment to the association over the years.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Tenure: The nominee should have been associated with the NAAHP for a significant duration, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment.
  • Service: Demonstrable contributions in various capacities –leadership roles, committee memberships, or other significant involvements.
  • Impact: The individual's efforts should have led to tangible advancements of NAAHP's objectives, be it through policy changes, program implementations, or other significant milestones.
  • Advocacy: A history of championing the association's causes, representing its interests, and furthering its mission in various forums.

Innovation / Strategy Award

A Celebration of Forward-Thinking in Pre-Health Advising



The Innovation and Strategy Award is a distinguished honor presented by the NAAHP. It is designed to spotlight and celebrate those trailblazers who have dared to think differently, introducing innovative strategies that have reshaped the pre-health advising domain.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Innovation: The nominee should have introduced or championed novel ideas, tools, or methodologies that stand out from conventional approaches.
  • Impact: The innovative strategies should have led to tangible improvements in the pre-health advising landscape, be it in terms of efficiency, outreach, student engagement, or other measurable outcomes.
  • Leadership: Demonstrable ability to inspire others to adopt or adapt to these new strategies.
  • Sustainability: The introduced strategies should be effective and sustainable, ensuring long-term benefits for the profession.
  • Eligibility: The award is open to all NAAHP members, ensuring a diverse pool of potential awardees, each bringing their unique perspectives and contributions to the table.

Rising Star Award

Emerging Leaders in Pre-Health Advising



The Rising Star Award is a distinguished accolade presented by the NAAHP, designed to spotlight the next generation of pre-health advising professionals. This award recognizes those who, even in the nascent stages of their careers, have demonstrated exceptional drive, initiative, and potential, setting them apart as future luminaries in the field.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Initiative: The nominee should have showcased proactive efforts, taking on challenges and seeking opportunities to make a difference in the pre-health advising domain.
  • Engagement: Active participation and engagement with NAAHP, be it through attending events, contributing to discussions, or taking on volunteer roles.
  • Leadership Potential: Demonstrable qualities that hint at their potential to be future leaders, such as effective communication, team collaboration, and a visionary approach.
  • Impact: Even in the early stages of their career, the individual should have made noticeable contributions or improvements in their respective roles or within the NAAHP community.
  • Eligibility: The award is open to all NAAHP members, ensuring that every member, regardless of tenure or position, can be recognized for their outstanding contributions and potential.

Outreach / Engagement Award

Amplifying the Voice and Reach of NAAHP



The Outreach / Engagement Award is a testament to the NAAHP's commitment to expanding its horizons and fostering a more inclusive and interconnected community. This award is dedicated to recognizing those members who have gone beyond their immediate roles to bridge gaps, forge new alliances, and amplify the association's presence in diverse arenas.


Criteria for Nomination:

  • Community Engagement: Demonstrable efforts in engaging with various communities, educational institutions, or organizations to promote the NAAHP's mission and values.
  • Partnership Development: Establishing fruitful collaborations or partnerships that have augmented the association's resources, opportunities, or influence.
  • Innovative Outreach: The introduction of novel methods or platforms to engage potential members or partners ensures the NAAHP remains at the forefront of community engagement.
  • Eligibility: The award is specifically open to affiliates, patrons, and association members of NAAHP. This ensures that those with the capacity and platform to significantly influence the association's outreach are recognized for their efforts.

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Updated November 30, 2023