NAAHP Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups Guidelines

NAAHP-SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are virtual spaces where NAAHP membership can connect with colleagues, seek advice, and participate in ongoing discussions. If we want the community to succeed, we need to follow certain guidelines when sending messages to the entire discussion or an individual member. These guidelines include using specific subject headings that will help readers decide whether to read, skim or ignore the message. It's also important to keep the topic of a message focused on a single subject to get better responses. It's recommended to ask specific questions to get quicker and better responses.

When discussing difficult cases, we need to maintain confidentiality. It's never appropriate to discuss specific confidential information especially regarding pre-health students. You can discuss challenging cases, but make sure to change any identifying information to protect the privacy of individuals involved. We need to be professional and respectful in our conversations. We should focus on the content of the posts and not on the people making them. We should extend the benefit of the doubt to newer guests and members and offer assistance and guidance when we can.

We must respect intellectual property and post content that we've personally created or have permission to use and attribute it to the content creator. If we find someone else's content useful, we should contact them and ask for permission to use it with attribution.

It's not appropriate to post commercial messages on discussion boards and Special Interest Groups. These platforms should be used for interest-sharing purposes only. Posting about programs, courses, books, or other goods and services in which you have a financial or commercial interest is not allowed. Commercial representatives can review the advertising opportunities available on the NAAHP Advertising Page.

The following are links to appropriate alternate posting sites:

Job Announcements: Submit position announcements on the NAAHP Job Board;

Event Postings: Student Opportunities for shadowing, internships, summer opportunities, open houses, virtual fairs, info sessions, or other events for specific schools or programs for inclusion on the Upcoming Events Calendar.

If a community member violates these guidelines, their posts may be deleted, and their participation in the community may be limited or discontinued.

These guidelines are subject to change based on evolving membership consensus and interaction.

Last Update: October 2023.