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Welcome to our online mentoring program! If you're on this page, chances are you want to search for a Mentor -- that's a good idea. First, you must enroll as a Mentee.

Here are the steps to successfully complete your Mentee enrollment:

Make selections for each of the demographics on the right to help your ideal mentor find you. Please note that some fields are required for Mentee enrollment and are marked with an astrict (*). The more demographics you complete, the easier it will be for Mentors to find their best Mentee match.

In addition to enrolling as a Mentee, please ensure your member profile (which is populated with some of your membership information) is complete so that potential Mentors can learn more about you. Be sure to add a photo, include information in your bio and details of your job history.



Make sure you have completed all the demographic fields and selected Save Mentee Settings above before continuing with an option below. You can edit these settings again later through your Mentee Profile.

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