Opening Reception

Opening Reception

OpeningReception_02.jpgThe 2020 National Meeting Opening Reception will be hosted Wednesday, June 24, 2020, to welcome meeting attendees and partners to New Orleans. The Opening Reception will be immediately followed by the Silent Auction and Dessert Reception.

The Opening Reception highlights inspiring speakers and the Silent Auction benefits a worthy charity. The event sponsor will have the opportunity to address attendees at the Mardi Gras Silent Auction and Dessert Reception. This event provides a great opportunity for visibility and networking with attendees.

As thanks for your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Five Minutes to Address Event Attendees at the Silent Auction Dessert Reception
  • Professionally Produced Signage
  • Opportunity to place an item on the chairs of attendees
  • Sponsorship Listing in the Printed Program
  • Complimentary Full-Page Ad in the Program

Estimated Number of Attendees: 700
Estimated Cost: $32,000 - $38,000